Best Rated Gas Grills Under $1000

A thousand dollars. Any way you look at it, that’s a fair amount of money. If you’ve got up to a thousand dollars in your budget for your next gas grill then you’ve got the chance to get something pretty decent. Take a good hard look at what you really need as opposed to what […]

Best Rated Gas Grills Under $800

Looking for a gas grill in the 500 to 800 dollar range? Good for you, you’re starting to get into the price range with some good pickings. Most of the major grill makers will have a gas grill in this price range. Another good thing – most of these grills will cook well. Heck, you […]

Best Rated Gas Grills Under $500

So you’ve got a nice 500 bucks burning a hole in your pocket and your heart’s set on a new gas grill. Fantastic. Maybe you’ve just decided that $300 is too little to spend so you’re going to scrape together a couple hundred more and get something better. Good choice. Or maybe you need to […]

Best Rated Gas Grills Under $300

You’ve got your heart set on a gas grill but you just can’t afford to shell out any more than 300 bucks. Does this sound like you? We feel for you, we really do. We’ve been there ourselves. Gas grills can be pretty awesome. Unfortunately with all the extra technology and bells and whistles and […]

Portable Gas Grills – Best Of Both Worlds

In many ways portable gas grills represent the best compromise in terms of convenience and flavor. While of course not as full featured as their bigger brothers they can do a fairly respectable job of grilling up some good food (assuming you’ve got the requisite skills). Add in the fact that you can take them […]

Still Waters Run Deep

That’s my semi-poetic way of saying that even though it looks like not much has been going on around here in the past week or so (okay, two weeks) much has been in the works. Been undergoing a kind of gas-grill-athon. Decided to dig into the gas grill market and see what was out there […]

Buying A New Gas Grill? Check Out These Best Rated Gas Grills

Spring is here (a little late and slow going) and it’s time to really start thinking about grilling more and more. What’s that you say? You need to get a new gas grill? Your old one is busted/lost/stolen/too small/not cutting it? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to hook you up with […]

Outdoor Storage for Your BBQ Space

So you love to grill and have a sweet barbecue set up just the way you like it. But you’re tired of draggin’ everything in and out of the garage or storage place you use when you’re not grilling. Or maybe you’ve got a nice deck setup where your lovely lovely grill can hang out […]

How To Use Cedar Planks for Grilling The Perfect Fish

I admit I’ve always been leery of grilling salmon for two reasons – first is a potentially lethal fish allergy I have. Just touching the stuff gives me a rash. Breathing in the cooking fumes of it makes me cough. But second and more importantly is the fact that I never seem to get it […]