LTBAboutI’m not a bbq guru. I haven’t gone to a barbecue culinary institute. I don’t have degrees or classes or all that other stuff to back up my opinions and what say about the world of barbecue.

I’m just a guy. A guy who loves barbecue.

It’s become a hobby. A tailgating party back in the day turned into a fiasco. Burned food. Bad feelings all around. And everyone blamed me. Why? Because I had a part-time job at a local grocery store and I had brought the steaks. Still don’t understand how I got the blame for the bad food to this day as I wasn’t manning the grill, but it was what it was. I decided then and there to not be blamed for it again. If there was going to be any barbecuin’ done, I was gonna be the one to do it. And I was gonna make it good.

Thus began my trek towards being known as “the barbecue guy.” Not an official designation, mind you. At work, people would ask me what I did over the weekend. “Had a barbecue” was my usual answer. Because it was true. Then people started calling me “the barbecue guy.” I fought it. Toned down the bbq talk. But then I accepted it. And then I started this website. Because at the end of the day, I really do Love That Barbecue. And I hope you do, too.



PS – Hey Luke! Thanks for stoppin’ by. Let me know if you’ve got any questions.