Me, years ago.

I’m just a guy. A guy who loves barbecue.

It’s become a hobby. You see, a tailgating party back in the day turned into a fiasco: burned food, bad feelings and everyone blamed me. Why? Because I brought the steaks. Didn’t cook ’em, just brought ’em.

I decided then and there to make sure the person manning the grill knew what they were doing. So I stepped up. If there was any barbecuing to be done, I was going to be the one to do it.

Later, at work people would ask me what I did over the weekend. “Had a barbecue” was my usual answer because it was usually true. Pretty soon people started calling me the “grill man.” I fought it. Toned down the bbq talk.

But then I accepted it. And then I started this website. Because at the end of the day, I really do Love That Barbecue. And I hope you do, too.