No website is created in a vacuum. There are lots of resources that go together to put a website together. This page intends to link to not only those, but also to sites we think are awesome for various reasons. Such as barbecue awesomeness. Keep in mind that in the barbecue world there are lots of opinions. We’re not saying one thing is right or wrong. Just different ways to enjoy food cooked in the great outdoors.


Barbecue Awesomeness:





Site Building:

We like and use the Catalyst theme for this website. Not cheap but totally worthit for the customization options available. Great for control freaks such as us. Lots of people are creating both free and premium (meaning you have to pay for them) themes and skins. We’re not going to say which skin we’ve got right now but if you go over to the Catalyst Marketplace, you should be able to find it. We aren’t we saying? ‘Cause we’re a fickle indecisive bunch who often forget things. Meaning we will more than likely change which skin we use then forget to update this part of the site. It’s good to know one’s faults, no?

The little black and white flame favicon was found on The Noun Project. Pretty cool site. Easy to loose lots of time just looking around and trying to figure out how those cool images can be used. I imagine more will pop up on this site over time.The image we used for the favicon itself was created by Nadav Barkan, from The Noun Project. Thanks Nadav and Noun Project. What’s a favicon? That little picture at the top of your browser next to the name of the website you are visiting. If you’re here it should like a little black and white flame.

Pictures used on this site are all from MorgueFile. Another awesome site. Unfortunately we’ve lost track of what pictures are used where or who took them/made them. Thanks to all of the contributors over at MorgueFile. This site would be nothing but text without you.