Thank You To A Reader, An Apology and A Promise (of sorts)

So, a comment from a visitor got me thinking a while back. He was lamenting the lack of dates on the articles on LoveThatBarbecue, like so many other sites on the internet. At first I dismissed his complaint without much of a thought. I mean, I saw his point, but I didn’t really see his point. But then, later that week when I was searching for some reviews for some new hiking boots, I found myself checking the date of the article. And that’s when it hit me that this reader who took time out of their busy day to leave a comment about my little ‘ol website was right and I was a big jerk for blowing him off. I’ll say it again – he was right. He was researching information for a purchase of an expensive grill and my article, while helpful in some ways, could have been seriously out of date which may have left him with an overpriced grill that wasn’t worth what he paid for it. I am ashamed to say I have been neglecting this site for some time now.

As the owner of this site, putting up the date of publication of the article is a Catch 22. I run this site because I love barbecue and want to help and interact with others who do as well. However I am not the most prolific writer and there will be weeks sometimes even a month or so when I do not post articles. My concern is that people will see this lack of posting as evidence that the site is dead or I have stopped trying or caring. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just that sometimes other things in life take over. Also, in the winter months, there are only so many “thinking of barbecue” topics I can honestly write about without making it filler just for filler’s sake. Which I don’t want to do. My goal is for this site to be all killer and no filler. Which I’m sure is probably more than I have done so far.

Now, the first step is to change the date structure. Dates are added, but only to the month and year level. This will let people know roughly when it was written without me feeling super pressured to keep writing every day or every week. Second step is to try and redesign the site somewhat and restructure some things to make it look a little less messy. Hopefully if you’re reading this and you say to yourself “The site looks fine” then I’ve already finished my work. Third step is to start pumping out awesome article after awesome article. Which, being dead in the middle of a beautiful spring and heading into the peak barbecuing season of summer, should be pretty easy to do.

So thanks to the visitor who slapped me on the back of my head. It was a welcome and much-needed wakeup call. Hopefully those who have visited the site will come back. Maybe even be inclined to send me emails or submit comments on the site. Bookmarks are good, links are nice, too. I may even, gasp, branch out into the social media aspect of the internet. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Thank You.


PS – The reader’s name was Pete and his comment was on this article. Unfortunately, me being me, I deleted it before it really sank in. If you’re reading this, sorry Pete. If you’re not Pete – I promise that I will do my level best to not delete comments that I think are helpful to other readers.

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The only thing Peter Shaw truly knows is that he loves barbecue. That is his guiding force and his reason for existence. That and his family. Which one is first is a tough call and changes depending on how hungry he is.

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