What Is An Outdoor Kitchen; Do You Really Need One And How Much Do They Cost?

If you live in an area with great weather most of the year or you find yourself cooking outdoors more and more during the nice weather that you do have, you might consider upgrading your grilling situation to an outdoor kitchen. While the super deluxe ones come with super deluxe prices, an outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be terribly expensive.

But why would someone build an outdoor kitchen in the first place? Take a minute to think about the time you spend grilling. If you find yourself grilling more and more, perhaps spending half of your dinners a week at the grill, it might be time to think of upgrading from just a grill on the patio to a full-on outdoor kitchen. Having an outdoor kitchen will save quite a bit on time spent going between the kitchen and the grill and allow a more enjoyable experience outdoors. If you are already thinking about buying a new gas grill anyway, it is the absolute perfect time to explore the world of outdoor kitchens.

An outdoor kitchen at its most basic is a grill, some counter space with some storage beneath them. In fact, an outdoor kitchen does not have to be a permanent installation. There are portable outdoor kitchens which combine a nice grill with some storage underneath and some “counters” to either side of the grill. By portable they really mean rollable as that’s about all they can really do – be rolled from one area to another. Sure, they perform their function well, and they are great for those who decide on them, but in the fine opinion of the Love That Barbecue staff, they’re kind of neither here nor there. A good grill, sure, but calling them an outdoor kitchen is a bit of a stretch. And with nicer ones going for around the 1,500 – 2,000 dollar range, they are approaching the modest or budget outdoor kitchen installations. If you’re looking for a nice grill that rolls, keep them in mind. But if you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen, go the extra mile, spend a little more, and get the real thing.

So how much does an outdoor kitchen cost? Most budget ones will start at around 3,000 dollars. You can get them done for less if you do some of the work yourself or have friends or family who will be willing to help out, but if you’re paying for it to get done, expect 3,000 to be the starting price. Expect to pay around 1,000, plus or minus, for a serviceable gas grill, around 500 or so for a small refrigerator, 100 for a sink, with the balance being spent on countertops, cabinets, plumbing, electricity, and gas lines being installed. Mind, you, these prices won’t get you top of the line. What you will get for your 3,000 – 5,000 dollars will be a great outdoor kitchen that will be serviceable for some time. If you’re willing to spend more, going up to around 15,000 dollars, you will get much more. Some people spend 50,000 plus on a fully decked out outdoor kitchen complete with wood-burning oven, custom outdoor kitchen plans and construction.

If your days and nights are beginning to be filled with outdoor kitchen ideas and you’re starting to search for outdoor kitchen appliances on the internet at work, do yourself a favor and seriously look into one. That includes evaluating how much nice weather you will be able to spend at your outdoor kitchen and whether or not the whole family will want to join you in eating outside all the time. Outdoor kitchens can be great additions to the house, but like many expensive household expenditures, they could also end up being time-wasting money pits that never get used. Plan for your new outdoor kitchen wisely and you will enjoy it all the more.

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